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KOYO Needle roller bearing BA 2012 Z OH Size (mm) : 31.75x38.1x19.05

KOYO Needle roller bearing BA 2012 Z OH Size (mm) : 31.75x38.1x19.05

  • KOYO   Needle roller bearing BA 2012 Z OH    Size (mm) : 31.75x38.1x19.05
  • KOYO   Needle roller bearing BA 2012 Z OH    Size (mm) : 31.75x38.1x19.05
KOYO   Needle roller bearing BA 2012 Z OH    Size (mm) : 31.75x38.1x19.05
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: KOYO
Model Number: BA 2012 Z OH
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Carton Box
Delivery Time: 1 day upon your payment
Payment Terms: PayPal , Western Union, T/T, MoneyGram
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Detailed Product Description

TLA5025Z TA2520Z BA1316ZOH BHA168ZOH IRT1725-2 LRT202525 LRT10011050 IRB2020 KT152115C3 KT384632C3
TLA5026Z TA2525Z BA1320ZOH BHA1610ZOH IRT1730-2 LRT202526 LRT10011540 IRB2210 KT162010C3 KT404513C3
TLA5520Z TA2530Z BA146ZOH BHA1612ZOH IRT2016 LRT202530 LRT10511550 IRB2220 KT162013C3 KT404517C3
TLA5525Z TA2616Z BA148ZOH BHA1616ZOH IRT2020 LRT202532 LRT11012030 IRB2316 KT162016C3 KT404527C3
TA2620Z BA1412ZOH BHA1620ZOH IRT2028 LRT222616 LRT11012540 IRB2412 KT162017C3 KT404820C3
TLAM79 TA2820Z BA1414ZOH BHA1624ZOH IRT2010-1 LRT222620 LRT12013030 IRB2416 KT162118C3 KT404825C3
TLAM48 TA2920Z BA1416ZOH BHA1812ZOH IRT2015-1 LRT222817 LRT12013545 IRB2424 KT162120C3 KT404834C3
TLAM69 TA2930Z BA1418ZOH BHA1816ZOH IRT2020-1 LRT222830 LRT12514060 IRB3016 KT162125C3 KT405432C3
TLAM810 TA3013Z BA1422ZOH BHA1818ZOH IRT2025-1 LRT252920 LRT13014535 IRB3024 KT162212C3 KT405450C3
TLAM912 TA3015Z BA1510ZOH BHA1820ZOH IRT2026-1 LRT252930 LRT13015050 IRB3616 KT162214C3 KT405463C3

TLAM1010 TA3020Z BA1516ZOH BHA2012ZOH IRT2030-1 LRT253016 LRT13515060 IRB4016 KT162217C3 KT424717C3
TLAM1012 TA3025Z BA166ZOH BHA2016ZOH IRT2038-1 LRT253017 LRT14015535 IRB4020 KT162220C3 KT424816C3
TLAM1015 TA3030Z BA167ZOH BHA2020ZOH IRT2216 LRT253020 LRT14016050 KT162420C3 KT425020C3
TLAM1210 TA3220Z BA168ZOH BHA2212ZOH IRT2220 LRT253025 LRT14016540 KT172110C3 KT425030C3
TLAM1212 TA3230Z BA1612ZOH BHA2216ZOH IRT2220-1 LRT253026 LRT15016540 RNA494 KT172113C3 KT455017C3
TLAM1312 TA3512Z BA1614ZOH BHA2220ZOH IRT2230-1 LRT253030 LRT15017060 RNA495 KT172115C3 KT455027C3
TLAM1412 TA3515Z BA1616ZOH BHA2824ZOH IRT2520 LRT253032 LRT16017540 RNA496 KT172117C3 KT455320C3
TLAM1512 TA3520Z BA1620ZOH BHA3324ZOH IRT2530 LRT283217 LRT16018060 RNA497 KT172311C3 KT455325C3
TLAM1516 TA3525Z BA1710ZOH IRT2515-1 LRT283220 LRT17018545 RNA498 KT172315C3 KT455335C3
TLAM1522 TA3530Z BA1716ZOH LRB61012 IRT2520-1 LRT283230 LRT17019060 RNA499 KT172418C3 KT485320C3

TLAM1612 TA3720Z BA186ZOH LRB81212 IRT2525-1 LRT303516 LRT18095545 RNA49/14 KT182210C3 KT505520C3
TLAM1616 TA3730Z BA188ZOH LRB81216 IRT2526-1 LRT303517 LRT18020569 RNA49/22 KT182213C3 KT505527C3
TLAM1622 TA3815Z BA1812ZOH LRB101412 IRT2530-1 LRT303520 LRT19021050 RNA49/28 KT182216C3 KT505820C3
TLAM1712 TA3820Z BA1816ZOH LRB101416 IRT2538-1 LRT303526 LRT19021569 RNA49/32 KT182412C3 KT505825C3
TLAM1816 TA3825Z BA1820ZOH LRB121612 IRT2820 LRT303530 LRT20022050 RNA49/38 KT182416C3 KT505830C3
TLAM2016 TA3830Z BA1910ZOH LRB121616 IRT2830 LRT303532 LRT20022580 RNA49/42 KT182417C3 KT505835C3
TLAM2020 TA4015Z BA1916ZOH LRB141816 IRT3012 LRT323720 LRT22024050 RNA49/48 KT182420C3 KT525817C3
TLAM2030 TA4020Z BA208ZOH LRB141820 IRT3015 LRT323730 LRT22024580 RNA49/52 KT182517C3 KT526024C3
TLAM2212 TA4025Z BA2010ZOH LRB162016 IRT3020 LRT323830 LRT24026560 RNA49/58 KT182519C3 KT556020C3
TLAM2216 TA4030Z BA2012ZOH LRB162020 IRT3025 LRT324020 LRT24026580 RNA49/62 KT182522C3 KT556027C3

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KOYO   Needle roller bearing BA 2012 Z OH    Size (mm) : 31.75x38.1x19.05 0


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